Let Me Tell You Why You're Worth It


When I first decided to workout I felt guilty.


As a mom, I felt like I should be taking care of my family. My thinking was way off and I know that now, but I had 3 little ones and was frankly overwhelmed and barely hanging on.


I was fueling my body with coffee and diet pop. I ate standing up and my choices were not the best. I was sleep deprived and felt bad about my body. I realized I would actually be a better mom if I took care of myself too! Plus what kind of example was I setting for my kids? They knew I was maxed out. It was obvious.


I started my fitness journey slowly and trust me, it was not perfect. But it's about progress, not perfection.


I knew I was learning new habits and it would take some time. I started with working out and drinking Shakeology for breakfast. I was still drinking coffee and diet pop. Oh and did I mention I was a candy addict? Right away my body felt better by having Shakeology. I was eating breakfast and fueling my body with great nutrition. The workouts were a bit of struggle to get in each day but I was working on it and felt great! Within just a few weeks I felt so much better. I was doing something for me and my family was benefiting. I found that exercise helped my stress level. I was making healthy dinners for my family. This new found self care was amazing! What I had waiting so long to start because I thouhgt it would burden my family ended up benefiting them so much!


You are worth taking care of. You deserve it.  As parents, we have a hard job, yes it is rewarding but we are always putting our family first. If you get sick or burn out then who will be there to care for your family? We owe it to ourselves to take care of ourselves so that we feel better and we will be around to care for our precious families. 


Start setting aside 30 minutes in the morning, just for you.  Even if you aren't running 5 miles, or hitting the gym, you can get up, make some coffee and just be still, before the rest of the world (or your household) wakes up.  You are worth it!


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