Conquer Your Mind...Transform your Life!!!

Transform :20 is a breakthrough total-body workout without breaks. It’s just you, Shaun T, and a Step. With Transform :20, his focus is on fostering positivity and inspiration to help YOU harness your minds to transform your body. It is a fast, super-intense fitness program that will transform your body—and your mind—in just 20 minutes a day over 6 weeks.

Who is this for?

  • Those who do not have a lot of time

  • Those who need motivation and accountability to finish a program

  • Those who are interested in high energy workouts

 "This aint your mama's step AEROBIC's class" 

Transform :20 is a breakthrough total-body workout without breaks. It’s just you, Shaun T, and a Step. For the first time ever, Beachbody and Shaun T have created a Step program that’s nothing like old-school step aerobics. Less dance and more functional and agility movements that will sculpt your body and increase your endurance. It’s hard and that’s why it works!

The Workout Schedule

Transform :20 is divided into three 2-week chapters: COMMIT, CLIMB, CONQUER. In each chapter, the moves evolve and get harder. Daily Transformer challenges will push you physically, and daily ShaunFirmations will help get your mind focused and keep you motivated.

  • 20 minutes a day

  • 6 days a week

  • 6 week schedule

Here is an overview of each week's workout:

  • Burn: Cardio moves that will leave you drenched in sweat and upping your metabolism

  • Faster: High intensity fast-paced aerobic workout that helps build endurance as it incinerates fat

  • Stronger: Lower intensity strength workout that helps build muscle and burn fat from head to toe

  • Powerful: Combination of plyometric and strength exercises that uses body weight to help build muscle and increase explosive power

  • Cut: High-intensity cardio moves with muscle-burning holds and pulses that will help you sculpt a leaner, fitter, more defined body.

  • Balanced: Finish off your week with stretches and core exercise designed to help optimize recovery, enhance performance, and sculpt your abs

Breakdown of the 3 Phases

COMMIT: For Weeks 1 and 2, you just need to COMMIT to showing up and getting to work. Simple as that. These first 2 weeks will build your foundation.

CLIMB: In Weeks 3 and 4, we dial up the intensity and add in new moves and increase your risers on your step.

CONQUER: For the final 2 weeks, Shaun T wants to see what you’re made of and what you can achieve. This is all about mind and body, pushing together to achieve your total transformation, focusing on sustainability.

Bonus workouts included to target specific areas!

  • 10 min abs

  • 10 min best butt

  • 10 min cardio

  • 10 min recover

  • 15 min abs

  • 20 min abs

Optional: Hybrid Schedule with Weights

  • 3 Built Stronger workouts (1.0, 2.0, 3.0)

  • 3 Rip N Cut workouts (1.0, 2.0, 3.0)

More FAQ's about the program

Will there be a modifier? YES!!! Not ready to jump in right away? Shaun T made sure that there's a modifier for every workout. But don't get it twisted - even if you're modifying, it will still be the hardest 20 minutes you've ever worked out.

Will there be a focus on the mindset aspect as well? There are BONUS: WEEKLY TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE VIDEO WITH SHAUN T where you will get a behind-the-scenes sneak peek of Shaun and the cast every single week as they progress through the program. He’ll be pushing, inspiring, and motivating you to transform your lives every step of the way.

But really, is 20 minutes enough???

Still don't believe you'll get results in 20 minutes a day? Check out these results from the official Test Group!

Let's Talk Nutrition

You can't outstep the bad nutrition. If you want a total transformation, you need to fuel your body right. With Transform :20, you'll receive an eating plan that's customized to you and your goals. Follow the plan and you will get your transformation!

Recommended Supplements

Committing to your entire transformation is KEY to getting you the BEST results. With the right tools, an amazing program, plus the incredible supplements that come alongside this program will be well on your way to your very own transformation!!! We know your body needs serious energy and stamina to take on an intense program 6 days a week for 6 weeks. Sticking to your eating plan is essential along with fueling your body with the BEST nutrition possible!


How is Shakeology integrated into Transform :20?

With a program this intense, your body will be burning a ton of calories from the start. Shakeology has a potent blend of protein, probiotics, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that helps give you the daily nutrition and fuel you need to get the most out of the next 6 weeks. This is your most-powerful nutritional building block, so you can better take on your workouts, and your entire day. It helps curb your appetite, so you’re not loading up on junk, and helps you lose weight as you get stronger.

How is Beachbody Performance™ integrated into Transform :20?


On workout days, If you want even better results, you can incorporate these supplements to give you an edge and help you get the most out of your hard work. But first, let's break them down. You are not training for average results so why take average supplements?

Energize (plant based pre workout): It helps sharpen focus, push harder, and helps you last longer in your workouts. This is so delicious and the little extra tingle will push you thru your entire workout!

Recover (post workout): Take recover to help with soreness & speed muscle recovery. If you are starting a new program this is a KEY supplement as it helps so much with muscle soreness...and also contains BCAA's (amino acids) that help aide in muscle recovery and soreness as well.

Program Materials

Get Started Guide: A complete overview of the Transform :20 program and workouts, plus 5 simple steps to do before beginning the program.

Beachbody Nutrition Guide: Tailored specifically for Transform :20, this guide will give you a simple, easy-to-follow eating plan along with recipes, food lists, and smart eating tips.

6-Week Transformation Tracker: You will keep track of your fitness, weight goals, and daily workouts. Plus, you’ll get Shaun-Firmations, daily words of wisdom from Shaun T, to help keep you focused and in a positive headspace. Transform :20 is all about transforming body AND mind!

Wall Calendar/Tracker: An overview of each day’s workout with space to track progress and daily Transformer challenges.

Hybrid Calendar: Follow this calendar if you plan on incorporating the 6 BONUS weighted workouts. It’s the same 6 days a week for 6 weeks schedule with the weighted workouts folded in.

BONUS Step Stickers! Every time you finish a chapter, apply a sticker to your Step and share it on social media to show everyone what you’ve achieved. #Transform20

Videos on How to Use the Step Safely: We want you to get results, not injuries!

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