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Can't Workout - I have Kids

September 24, 2015



I hear this all the time. Well I have 3 and yes you can workout! It can be challenging with little ones but it is very doable. Most of my clients are moms. Some work and some do not. Some have 1 child and some have 6 kids. My advice is to start with the 30 minute workouts. You can do it! Do it while your child is napping, wake up before they do or have them in the room with you. My kids are a little older now but my youngest has been my biggest cheerleader since I started. I remember her being in her baby swing and my toddlers crawling all over me while I worked out. I just told them to watch out for kicks. They were awesome. Yes sometimes it is a lot of work and it can annoying but it is so worth it. Your kids are watching you! Just a few weeks ago I was really not wanting to work out. I was having one of those days but my 4 year old said “Mom lets go do a workout!” I was so proud of her and we crushed our 21 Day Fix workout that day! The circumstances are not always ideal but it works. I have moms who work insane hours, single moms, moms with special needs kids, trust me there is always a way. Also, just think of the example you are setting for your kids. They are always watching.  

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