• Tawnya Landis

If You fall I Will PICK You UP

He said "But If you fall I will pick you up."

As I started my run this morning I felt a sensation like I was going to fall. I started to get nervous because I hate falling. It usually hurts. Then I heard God say "but if you fall I will pick you up."

He continued with ~ "I have always been there. Every time you have fallen I have picked you up. I'm always there with my outstretched arm. It's up to you if you want to take hold of my hand & accept my help.

-I was there when your daughter was sick & her future uncertain I gave you strength & peace. -When you were in financial stress I gave you a solution. -When you were in the depths of depression I gave you hope. -When you had no shelter I gave you shelter -When you were hungry I gave you food. -When you felt abandoned & forgotten I was there. -I am always there my child. You have a calling upon you A GIFT I have given you to use to help others. You decide if you will open it & use it and if you fall I will pick you up."

You know we all have been tasked with a calling & we all have had struggles & challenges. We decide how we respond & how we proceed. I know I have fallen (failed) many times & He has always offered me his hand. I have trusted Him & He's made my path straight. It doesn't always make sense to us but to Him it does & if you fall He will pick you up đź’—

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