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What does making the Shift mean?

What does making the Shift mean?

When Beachbody first told us they were releasing a new workout program called Shift Shop I was excited but truly did not know why they named it that?

Well, after completing the 3 week program for the 1st time I can see why! The Shift I experienced and along with many of my clients who participated in my Shift Shop Challenge Group was amazing! The shift we all made was incredible!

It was truly a shift in Mindset, Body, Health, and Attitude.

The trainer in this program, Chris Downing, is extremely motivational. He talks you through the program and pumps you up. He really helps with your mindset and attitude. I usually will mute the workouts and listen to my audiobook but I found myself wanting to listen to Chris instead. He is positive, upbeat and he cares about not only our physical health but also mental health.

Exercise and health are very driven by mindset.

The workouts are awesome! They were challenging but in a good way. I had beginners use this program as well as advanced clients. The workout moves are easy to modify or go full out so I had zero complaints from my clients.
The nutrition plan is simple and easy to follow. I dislike complicated meal plans because let's face it, we are all busy and trying to count calories and follow a complicated meal plan is not practical for many of us especially busy moms.

I love that they include a grocery list for each week! 
I followed this program while I was on vacation for 2 of the 3 weeks! I found it very easy to follow while I was spending time with my family. I even went camping! I was not perfect and had a few planned cheat meals for my vacation. Still I am very happy with my results! Down 4 pounds and a few inches. No more bloat and my energy is sky high!

My first round of test participants just completed the program! They followed the meal plans, workout schedule, drank Shakeology daily and most saw a loss of 7 to 15 pounds! They are reporting toned bodies, abs popping out and a spike in energy! I would say this program is a win!

My next Shift Shop group is starting soon! Want to try Shift Shop? Contact me for details at

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