• Tawnya Landis

Three Steps to Prepare you to Tackle Your Next Goal

1. Why- What's your why?

You need one to keep you going when it gets hard! Why do you want to accomplish this goal? What will it do for you? What will it do for your family? If you do nothing & keep on the same path you are going how will you life look in a year? If you go all in & succeed what will your life look like in a year? Compare the 2 stories which one do you want? Here's the deal life is a gift. It is to be lived! Are you living out your life? If not why?

2. Mindset

Whether you think you can or you think you can't your right. It's true. So often we want to accomplish something or change a habit but we are still telling ourselves "I can't" it's too hard" "I'm not good enough" "it will never work." Have you ever told yourself these things? I know I have! You have to switch that way of thinking. Tell yourself you can! Focus on the positive. I set up my day with intention & a positive mindset. Before my feet even hit the floor after I wake up in the morning I give myself a pep talk. I set my intentions for the day. Tell myself I am capable, I am worthy and I can accomplish what I set my mind to. I also pray to God for strength because I am living out his purpose.

You have to be intentional. We are saturated with negativity all the time. The tv, social media, the news, we need to prepare ourselves. Unless you live in a deep hole in the woods with no access to the outside world you will experience some sort of negativity. Sometimes it comes from your own voice within. Usually that is the loudest opperessor! But here is the deal you can change it! Get your mindset right! It is process but telling yourself positive affirmations will help change it!

3. Obstacles

They will happen so what will you do about them? Is there a way to prevent them? I look at obstacles as opportunities. What is the treasure in it? Did I need to learn something? Is this going to be used in the future as a testimony? Just remember anything worth having is worth working for. You will encounter obstacles it's how you perceive them & react that makes the difference.

What are you wanting to achieve this year? What do you need to do to make it happen?



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