• Tawnya L.

Service and Gratitude

Never underestimate your impact or how you can serve others. We often think of what we gain but what if we think about what we can give? What if we think of others and how we can help them? How we can help them improve their lives. As we find ourselves nestled between Thanksgiving and Christmas, I keep coming back to these themes of service and gratitude. I have watched my grandmother serve many many people and to this day at age 81 she still serves. Not because she has to, but because she wants to and feels called to. I have always admired that about her. She has more energy than most people in their 20's! I believe it comes from living her purpose and with a heart to serve. I am grateful that my three children watch her serve to this day! When I started my health and fitness business it was truly to serve others. I was miserable in my own skin before I started. Now hear me out. I know many of you say, "Well, it is not about the scale." And guess what it? Is not. And that is not what I am talking about. My mental state was a mess, I was tired, I lacked energy and I was fueling my body with sugar and caffeine. I was overwhelmed with life and taking care of my sick little girl. I love my family and I needed to be healthy and strong for not only me but my children. Beachbody helped me transform from the inside out. I felt great and wanted others to feel the same so I started coaching. I wanted to surround myself with a positive community and one where women encouraged other women and did not tear them down. I wanted moms to feel strong and confident and to help their families make healthier choices. It has been a gift and it still is. This morning I was reflecting on some of the highlights of this year, specifically the Beachbody Summit held in July. I watched my amazing team of coaches share how their lives have changed! I had tears streaming down my face reading their posts and messages. I know each of their stories and each one of them is remarkable. I know how they have been challenged and I know how they have preserved. I know how many people they have impacted and helped with their stories. I remember going to my first summit with just one coach back in 2012 and each year we have grown in numbers. This year we had a huge team there. They all have one thing in common- a heart to serve and to do with purpose and passion. I am proud of all of them! I always tell them to go out and be lights in this world. Be the positive you want to see and be who you were created to be. Just like my grandmother continues to do which is serving others with a pure and grateful heart! So whatever you are passionate about, whatever makes you feel alive and happy, share that! Believe in yourself and the impact you can make. Even if you impact one person it compounds and impacts so many more. Don not be scared. Do not underestimate yourself. Serve others and be a light. This world needs more lights. Special thanks to my grandmother Bonny Groshong for teaching me how to serve at a young age.



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