• Tawnya L.

Big Goals, Little Steps

Everyone is busy and everyone has "stuff" going on. It can be hard to get rid of excuses and prioritize the things that are actually important to us, but it is freeing and satisfying once you do. My Goals: 1. Being a mom- a present, loving and energetic mom.

2. Taking care of my body, mind, and sanity. Self Care is important!

3. Creating a fun, satisfying partnership with my husband. These goals take small actions every day to make them possible. I've realized that working out, meal prep, and planning family and self care time are essential to achieving my bigger goals. They can seem like items on a to do list, but they contribute to the bigger picture.

Taking 30 minutes to workout does not make me a selfish or a bad mom. It makes me a better mom because I feel confident and grounded and it helps me control stress. It also is a great example to my children. I do not want them to think that a mom is suppose to be exhausted & worn out all the time. Do I always want to wake up and workout? No. But 30 minutes of exercise is powerful for me. It gives me good endorphins & keeps me in check during the day. Meal Prep has saved me so many times. Without it, I would be scrambling to find things to make for my family of 5. They have to eat and so do I. On Sunday, I cook hard boiled eggs, brown rice, and chicken breasts. I also try to chop veggies and wash fruit, which makes it so much easier to throw together a meal during the week. It takes me about two hours each week but saves me stress and my family from being hungry and ANYTHING is worth avoiding hanger! Get that date night in the calendar! Send a loving text saying how excited you are for it! Make some time to get ready for it and have fun! As parents of 3 active children if we do not put focus on our marriage it ends up on the back burner and that is not good for us and it is not a good example for our children. They need to see that we are a team and to see an example of love. It can feel like there is no time for workouts or meal prep, or no energy for date night. But take a step back. Put it in your calendar for next week. If it is in your calendar, you are less likely to "run out of time." Running out of time is often just choosing to do something else instead, but when we see the connection between these smaller tasks and our big goals, they become more important. Am I busy? Yes. But I know I need to take care of myself before I can serve others. We all do. I encourage you to make a list of your big goals and take a few minutes to figure out some daily steps that you take (or need to take) to make those big goals happen.



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