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Clean Eating

Clean eating can be confusing because there is so much information out there! We hear Eat this... Don't eat this.... Eat only at this time....Take this....Drink that...

It can be tough to figure out where to even start. Often people want to make changes but just have no idea even where to begin as the task seems daunting and overwhelming. I know this feeling all too well because that is where I was when I started. I find this is a common struggle and that is why one of my favorite challenge groups to run is my 30 Day Focused Clean Eating Group. I am gearing up to start this group next week on October 7th.

My goal is to simplify it for you. I want to help find a fit that is achievable, maintainable, Nutritious, Affordable and sustainable for YOU to help you reach your goals! In this group I will deliver Whole Food Based Recipes, Meal options, Snacks, Motivational information, Accountability, but most of all Teach you how to make a HEALTHY Lifestyle for YOU and your family! I am a wife and mom of 3 so I know the struggle of trying to get the entire family on board. Don't let clean eating overwhelm you! You can do it!

30 Day Focused Clean Eating Group Requirements: *Must actively post and engage in my private support page just for this group. *Must drink at least 64 oz minimum of water each day *Must be honest with me!! (I cannot help you if I do not know what you are struggling with) *Must commit to 30 days of my favorite Super Food Shake (Shakeology of course) once a day!

I am not making Exercise a requirement here. If you do workout that is awesome! But I know there are some of you out there that need to feel better and have more energy before you can find energy to exercise. Does this sound like something you are interested in? Then message me or email me at and I will get you started!



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