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The Landis Fitness European Adventure, Part 1

Hey friends. I’m so excited to share my new adventure with you and, even though it’s just a little off topic, I’m inviting you along as I travel through Europe!

Have you ever had a crazy dream and then actually acted on it?

Seven years ago my husband Scott and I went through a very rough time. We suffered through the financial loss of everything we owned and almost lost our daughter to kidney disease. Just as this stressful period was coming to a close my Scott shared with me his dream to move abroad. He spoke specifically of wanting to go to Italy. It was way too soon for me. After having come through such a difficult time of unrest I actually felt like we needed to plant roots and settle in, to provide security and consistency for our children. At that time we only had 2 kids, Skyler and Allie. Allie, our youngest, was still pretty ill and I knew it was unwise for us to leave her team of doctors. Everything had been spinning out of control for so long, I just could not even fathom Scott’s desire. I thought he was crazy. Shortly after he shared his travel dream with me we had our 3rd child, Brynna, at which point traveling abroad sounded to both of us like about as much fun as having a few teeth pulled. Thoughts of travel were pushed to the back burner and left there to be forgotten… Or to simmer.

Fast forward to the end of 2014 and suddenly I was the one thinking about going abroad. As I had spent time with God, seeing His faithful provision, growing my trust in Him, He quietly planted the desire in my heart to take my kids and follow Him, wherever He would lead.

We had just sold our home and could not find anything to buy, so we moved into a rental down the street. Finding a rental in our neighborhood was a miracle, the rental market in Oregon City is nearly impossible. The way everything worked out, it had to be a God-thing. We signed a short term lease, fully expecting to buy a home in the summer. However nothing felt right so we decided to wait. And there was still this idea of travel pulling at me, God whispers that I couldn’t ignore.

I talked to Scott, admitting to him that I felt like God was calling us abroad. He quickly got excited, his dream of travel never having left his thoughts. Once we agreed together to follow God and go abroad things started moving fast, it seemed all the doors just flew open! We made the decision to end our lease with our landlord and were happy to know that worked out well for him too. We sold most of our possessions and moved the remainder of the items we still owned into a POD. We even sold our van. The day before we left.

It’s crazy the way God moved mountains, the van is just one example of that. Scott suggested we sell the van a whole 6 days before we were scheduled to fly out of Portland. I listed it on Craigslist and no one really contacted us. On Friday Scott asked if it was sold yet and I had to tell him it hadn’t yet. I prayed about it and God gave me a number, the dollar amount He was going to get us for the van. I checked my email shortly after, still on Friday, and discovered someone was interested in buying it. After going back and forth with the potential buyer and answering his questions he asked if I would take $10,500 for it. My hands shook a little as I typed back that we would accept that amount- the exact amount God had promised me just hours before. The transaction took place the next morning, on Saturday. I was acutely aware of how God was moving not just in our life, but also in the life of this sweet couple, our van was going to fit their growing family perfectly.

Later on Saturday our youngest came down with a pretty bad cough. We took her to the ER and they gave us medicine and cleared her to fly. We were booked solid until the moment we left. Trying to fit everything in before leaving the states was especially stressful since we are not sure when we will be back. We could be gone 2 weeks, or 2 months. It’s both exciting and intimidating We’re beyond excited to take our kids with us, something Scott and I felt like God had intended from the beginning. We are a tight family and there’s no way Scott and I could be so open ended without including our kids in the journey. Plus we feel it will be wonderful for them to be exposed to other cultures. We pulled them out of school a few weeks early and will be turning in some homework to their teachers while we are gone. It is pretty cool that our son's class is studying Europe while we’re traveling through it. Before we left our son did a research report on Italy. He’s even writing travel journals to turn into his teacher as we travel through each country, something his teacher will be able to share with the class.

How is this possible? How has this crazy dream of an idea become our current reality?

God has opened doors over the past 3 years which are making this trip financially possible. I hate to toot my own horn and don’t want to bore you with the details, but it would not be right if I failed to mention that I have had a lot of success with my Beachbody business. It wasn’t really something I planned for, but it has been one of the greatest blessings in my life. I started dabbling in coaching with Beachbody in 2012. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with it, but I really loved the work of encouraging and helping others. The work has always felt natural, like I was born for the position. When you work in your passion it never feels like work. Beachbody has given me the freedom of time and also the freedom of location. I literally just need a phone and wifi, which you can find all over the world. Health and nutrition may not be your passion and Beachbody may not be the business opportunity for you, but that’s OK, it doesn’t have to be. I know you’re passionate about something and I know God has given you a purpose. Find it! Live it! Even if it involves taking a few risks and making a few mistakes, once you’re living it you won’t regret it.

Scott retired from his job in the fall of 2013. He enjoyed his job but he worked a lot of hours and the commute was brutal. His plan was to stay home and help with the kids, that lasted all of TWO DAYS! Instead Scott joined with a business partner and started his own practice. He loves his company. He splits his time between doing business coaching and mission work. When he does mission work he teaches people all over the world how to run businesses and be successful entrepreneurs. He teaches Biblical Entrepreneurship. He took his first mission abroad in 2014 to Haiti. The impact he and his company have made from the mission trips to Haiti is inspiring. It is amazing what people can do to impact their communities, even in underprivileged countries, when they learn the right entrepreneurship skills. Part of what we will be doing on this European Adventure is missional as Scott takes the opportunity to teach in Paris.

It will be wonderful for the kids to be involved as well. We cannot wait to see what happens on our adventure. We are landing in London on 5/19 and going to sightsee for a few days. Skyler, our 11 year, old begged us to go to London. He has dreamed of going and seeing Big Ben and the London Eye for years. He also loves history which London has a lot of. I studied abroad in London while in college, so I can relate to what he is feeling. I feel really blessed to be able to make this happen for him. On Wednesday, 5/20 we will take the Eurostar from London to Paris. We are staying in Paris until Sunday the 24th and then… We have no idea where we will go from there. We have an open ended ticket so really the possibilities are endless. We are excited to see what is in store for our family. I really hope you’ll stay tuned as I share some about health and fitness while on the road as well as a whole lot about our travel journey (Hint: follow me on Instagram to see many more photos of my trip).

#LandisEuropeanAdventure here we go!



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