Soooo I have a little confession to make…workout clothes are my staple wardrobe item.  Yes, yes I am that girl who lives in yoga pants and a tank or a hoodie.  I used to make fun of people like me because I thought that it just meant they were lazy, or hadn’t done their laundry yet.  But in fact, I LOVE to outfit myself in cute active wear, on a regular basis.  So here is how this works (in case you are tempted to try it) – I get my workouts done in the early mornings, before life really starts.  Then on good days, I shower and change into a fresh outfit.  I tend to sport pastels and brighter colors during my day, and lean towards greys and blacks for my actual workouts.  The pastels, like from LuLu Lemon, are just so pretty, but I don’t want to stain them with my sweaty mess!  I have even been known to wear Uggs with my workotu pants when it is cold. Yes an offense to some, I know! It is super comfy though and I highly recommend it.

I remember when I started working out I had 2 pairs of workout pants and maybe 2 or 3 tops and 1 sports bra. I defintiely couldn’t do the whole sport a fresh outfit thing.  But as I grew in my fit and active lifestyle, my closet grew as well.  Now I am pretty sure I have more workout clothes than I do regular clothes.

Some of my favorite brands are Nike, Zella, LuLulemon and Lorna Jane. The Lulu and Lorna pants are amazing.  They fit like a glove and make everybody’s butt look perfect. 


So why do I wear workout clothes? Well I do fitness for a living! And I have 3 little ones. Not that these are excuses, but it just fits into my lifestyle to keep it simple.  Plus I am literally running around every day from appointments to dance class, to school pick up, to a video call… you get the picture.  I don’t have time to try and strut around in heels everyday.  Of course there is a time and a place for super cute, sexy outfits and a gorgeous heel.  Don’t worry, I am all things girly and I love my stillettos.  In fact, my husband requested the other day (bless his heart) that I ‘please wear real clothes’. So I try my hardest, twice a week, to wear jeans and a cute top (at least by the time Scott gets home in the evenings..shh that’s another confession).  


Confessions of a Workout Mom

A pair of my favoirte Nikes I sport, but don't workout in

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