Tawnya's Story 


Hi! I'm Tawnya! It is so nice to meet you! A little about me! I am 41 and have been married for 20 years! I have 3 children my son Skyler is 15, my daughter Allie is 11 and my daughter Brynna is 9.  


On January 1, 2012 I decided it would be the last year I would write "Get Fit, Get Toned, Get Healthy" on my New Years Resolution List. I was done with the quick fixes which only gave me short term results. I was done with not feeling great inside and out. I hated the way I felt, I was tired of counting calories and I to be honest I was sick of saying... someday I will. I wanted results that would last and also a realistic healthy lifestyle I could pass on to my kids!  


On that day I joined an Online Fitness and Nutrition Accountability Group and changed my life forever! I am happy to say I lost the last of my baby weight, got super toned, learned how to properly eat with clean portion control nutrition and have maintained it for years now! 


Through this journey I found my passion for helping others especially mamas get healthy , fit and confident! As a mom of 3 I know it can be hard to find time but I also know it can be done. I also know it can enhance your life rather than burden it if done right! There are so many options and information out there about losing weight, getting fit, how to eat this and not that. It is confusing! It is not one size fits all we are all different and have different schedules. My job as a coach is keep it simple for you and to help you find balance and meet your goals! 







My Transformation

After the birth of my 3rd baby and 3rd c-section ( I gained 50 to 60 pounds in each pregnancy) I thought my stomach was a lost cause. The before photo is after I tried to out exercise my poor eating habits. I was pretty ticked in that photo because I was slaying it in the gym and running and not getting the results I wanted. I was tired, exhausted and felt defeated. I was still nursing so fad diets were off the table and to be honest I wanted to be done with fads. I hate feeling deprived and restricted.

I knew I wanted last results and needed to conquer my emotional eating, learn new habits that fit my lifestyle and finally get healthy for good! I wanted my kids to not see their mom's unhealthy habits.

I made a commitment to go all in for 2012. To stop writing the same New Year's Resolution on my list "Lose Weight, Get Toned, Get Healthy!" 

I joined an online accountability group and also decided on that same day to become an Online fitness coach. I knew I would show up for the clients in my group. I wanted to get results! I also knew with a full schedule and 3 kids (2 toddlers who rarely slept) that I needed all the accountability I could get! 

I showed up to do my at home workouts which I found fit great with our crazy schedule. I also loved that I could do them at home. I started drinking my Superfoods drink aka Shakeology and checked in with my group. The nutrition piece took a little longer to figure out but once I did it got easier! I realized that carbs were not the enemy, how my body reacted with certain foods, portions and that I did not have to live off bland chicken and broccoli to have results. I am a FOODIE! I love good tasting food! I changed habits not just for myself but for my family too! It truly changed our lives!  I have never looked back and feel amazing! I have helped hundreds of women reach their goals and truly live a healthy and happy lifestyle! Want to join my next Online Accountability Group? 


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