3 Day Refresh.  Get Back On Track.


We all get off track with extra sweet treats, esecially around the holidays, or just out of busyness and not allowing enough time in our week to Meal Prep and take proper care of our bodies.  


I love the 3 Day Refresh! It is my go-to before I have any big event or vacation. It really helps get that last bit of bloat gone, or if you are struggling with cravings I find it helps those go away, as well. The refresh is laid out very well and is super easy to follow.  It even comes with recipes that are tasty, and they aren’t complicated. Everytime I do the Refresh I feel clear, focused and “clean” when I am finished. My skin always looks amazing afterwards, too. I never feel starved or hungry on it, which is how I felt doing other cleanses like juice cleanses.


A typical day on the Refresh starts off with your daily dose of dense nutrition, which is Vegan Shakeology. You can have a side of fruit with it. Then mid morning you have a Fiber Sweep. I recommend using a shaker cup to mix it up. It is not bad at all. Then for lunch is the Vanilla Fresh shake, which I honestly wish I could have everyday! It is soooo yummy! You can mix fruit with it. I typically like it with fresh raspberries, strawberries or blueberries. For lunch along with the shake you can have veggies and a healthy fat. I usually like an assortment of veggies and hummus or avocado. You have the option to have another snack in the afternoon if you need it. Then dinner is a Vanilla Fresh Shake and one of the many dinner options. See you do eat a lot on this plan! It is not like a typical juice cleanse where you starve and then binge when it is over. I have found that I lose real weight, not just water weight and do not gain it back. I really do like that it is only 3 days and is easy!  I just completed the Refresh before my trip to Cancun and I think it not only made me feel good, and gave my immune system a boost, but it also gave me that extra bit of confidence for my bikini days by the pool.  Totally worth it, I promise.  



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